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Slack Tide Currents

IT STARTS with three guys in a garage and songs for days. Then the beat drops, starfish align, and - on the western edge of an altered state - the rest is history. 


Ashley: guitar, vocals, and percussion
You can find him on a surfboard,
he's probably listening to the Dead,
and if you lose him, find the after-party; he's the host.
Jane: percussion, vocals, and guitar
You can find her in the hot black truck out front, 
she's probably listening to the beat dropping, 
and if you lose her, just follow the rainbow.
Erik: bass
You can find him heading straight to the music festival,
it is obvious what he is listening to, 
and if you lose him, please just give up immediately.
Dudley: guitar and vocals
You can find him in a camper van,
he's probably listening to an egg shaker,
and if you lose him .......>>>......>>>.......>>>........ follow the pelicans.

Photo by Aaron Campbell

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