New Music!


Slack Tide Currents

We recorded these songs in isolation. A new adventure for us.

When we play live, and if we do it right; tuned to the same frequency, breathing the same air, vibing each other’s vibes; We create our own sound that seems to rise up with its own life force. Our job as bandmates is to find our own place within the sound, to stay tuned in with each other and work together to keep everything aloft and moving forward.

Making music in isolation is a different thing altogether. Each of us alone in our headphones, with our various, rudimentary recording devices, trying to conjure up the spirit of all of us in the room together. Trying to hear what’s not there. Conversing with ghosts. And we’re all having different conversations with those ghosts.

Each of these songs is a product of that process. And the process allowed us each to explore paths we may not have if we were in a room together under the spell of the collective band consciousness.

Soon we’ll be back to making music together as living, vibing, sweating humans. No ghosts. We can’t wait.

But for now, enjoy these isolated songs.

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